Grønhøj Kro is a 'royally privileged’ inn from 1848, located on Alheden in central Jutland. The area is often called "Eine kleine Deutschland", because the area represents a lot of German cultural heritage.

In the inn's stable buildings there are, among other things, rebuilt a barn that originated from German colonists (kartoffeltyskerne) who came to the country in 1760 and made the potato an attractive food to have on the plate. In the stable buildings you will also find an exhibition about the nearby German church in Frederiks, Fliegerhost Grove (Airport Karup) and the German refugee cemeteries in Kølvrå and Grove Kirke as well as the Lancaster memorial. In another of the inn's buildings you will find a museum about the folk writer Morten Korch and in the hayloft, you will find a vintage shop.

The museums are open all year round.

The inn and the RAF Lancaster memorial room is open from 1. of April - 1. of November on weekdays (table reservation 0045 2078 9872).